Saturday, February 24, 2007

Faithful: Pizza pan delivers message from God

The Virgin Mary or a pizza pan?

They say God works in mysterious ways. And so it was on Wednesday -- yes, Ash Wednesday -- some kitchen workers at Pugh Elementary were cleaning up.
When the pizza pan was cleaned, this image resembling the Virgin Mary appeared.
It was Lupe Rodriguez's day to scrub the pans and fight the burned-on stains.
"I started looking at it like this, y'know," she said.
The stain was emerging, growing more familiar until... she couldn't believe what she was seeing.
"It showed me like the Virgin Mary," Rodriguez said.
She showed it around the kitchen.
Her co-workers agreed. It was the Virgin Mary.
The faithful are flocking to Hahlo Street to see the image.
So a shrine was set up on Hahlo (yes, it sounds like halo) Street and the pilgrammage has begun from nearby neighorhoods.
A friend stopped Anel Villarreal in the street Wednesday with the news.
"The Virgin is in the cafeteria and run over there and see," Villareal said. "'Oh My God, it's the Virgin.' And I'm crying and I see for my eyes."


Sherry said...

I am sure that is a very fine pizza pan. Anything else... :)

Anonymous said...

It started with a cheese pizza? Maybe this is Gods way of telling the vegans to give it a rest?

Scooter said...

~Giggle~ That could be true, Haily. I'm glad the pizza wasn't vegan! :)