Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Date in jail for drugging beer

Quick-thinking S.F. pair nail man slipping his companion a mickey
It looked for all the world as if the couple on a date -- he was darkly handsome and a little older than the pretty, petite blonde with the Russian accent -- were having a great time together.
"A really great time," their waitress, Karri Cormican, recalled thinking. "She was facing him, had one of her legs up on the bench seat." Good body language.
So it came as a shock when after the woman left the window-side table to visit the restroom, Cormican saw the man shake a white powder into the Hefeweizen beer he had ordered for his date.
"Did I really see that?" Cormican asked herself. "Why would he do that? It seemed like they were having fun."

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