Monday, March 26, 2007

Prince Harry's boozy brawl with a shutterbug

So sad! The media hounded Diana to death, now they're after her children.
Prince Harry, who was out on a secret date with a close friend Natalie Pinkham, reportedly indulged in booze fuelled rage on March 24.
The 22-year old prince, who was partying at posh London club Boujis with former TV presenter Natalie, went berserk attacking one photographer and shouting at him to "F*** off".
Harry, who is due to leave for a six month Iraq tour with his unit, was enraged at being spotted with Natalie, while his girlfriend Chelsy Davy is away on her break.
The royal, who was reportedly caressing and dancing close with Natalie, tried to sneak out from the club at 3 a.m. and madly chased photographer Nirach Tanner, who was waiting outside the club to click pictures.
"He was very drunk. I took a few shots of him and he just came for me. He knows me because I've taken his pictures before and I have never had a problem with him," News of the World quoted Tanner, as saying.

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