Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Call to alms

Injured Marine struggles at home
U.S. Marine Warren Hardy, of Campbell, flew 8 feet in the air in his armored personnel carrier after it hit a landmine in Iraq. Hardy, since released, finds it hard to deal with everyday living after the accident.
He had short-term memory problems and could no longer multi-task. He now experiences numbness in his arms and has lost strength in his limbs, and suffers outbursts of anger - a condition known as Traumatic Brain Injury and a common injury in Iraq. Just holding one of his newborn triplet sons to feed him can be difficult.
Hardy receives regular treatment at the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System, where he is learning how to make day-to-day living easier. But the family's military health insurance expired Dec. 4, and as of last week, two of the three triplets are still in the hospital.
"We're just struggling, barely able to make ends meet," he said
Donate to the Warren Hardy Family Fund, P.O. Box 1541, Campbell, 95009.

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Sherry said...

I am no good at this. All I have to hear is one of our troops is wounded and I'm bawling. If I were there, though, it would be lock and load. I can shoot through tears.
Please do keep track of this patriot and his family, I'll try to, too.